10 Best Ever NXT To WWE Call-Ups

10. Rusev


Fans are growing so despondent over the state of Rusev's WWE career that it's easy to forget the barn-storming start he made to life on main roster back in 2014, when he went on an undefeated streak that lasted more than a year.

Losing to John Cena at WrestleMania 31 seemed to completely derail his momentum. It wasn't long after that he kayfabe split from long-time manager Lana, a storyline that ended in disaster when the pair announced they had become engaged in real life.

Since then, the Bulgarian Brute has been largely left to toil at the lower end of the mid-card, but the enduring popularity of Rusev Day is proof that he is still a valuable member of the SmackDown roster all the same.

For how long, though, we're not too sure. Recent reports have claimed that the former US Champion is on the brink of handing in his notice, so frustrated is he with being continually overlooked for a spot in the main event.