10 Best Impact Wrestling World Champions Of All Time

From the rough days of Impact to the better days, there have been some wonderful World Champions.

Impact Wrestling

The Impact World Championship has gone through many phases in its history. The TNA World Heavyweight Championship, the GFW Global Championship, the Impact World Championship: no matter what you want to call it, the title remains the biggest prize on offer for the male members of the Impact Wrestling roster.

Sure, there have been some moments where a person shouldn't have won the title when they did. The best example of this is when Eric Young won the title in Impact's greatest effort of recreating the Daniel Bryan WrestleMania story (mere days after it initially occurred). The man now known as a SAnitY member was simply a transitional champion at the time.

These sorts of reigns aside, there have been some incredible champions throughout the current 12 year history of the title.

Whether the person had a lengthy reign or had multiple reigns, the fact remains the same - they did something great while their name was attached to the Impact World Championship. Having great matches while champion isn't the only thing that'll make your reign memorable. Being great on the mic is a necessity also, especially if you're going to be the face of the company.

But y'know, a combination of those two factors will take someone a long way...


While off school sick one day in November 2008, Adam sat down with Survivor Series on in the background. He was hooked ever since. With access to channels showing WWE and Impact Wrestling programming, he also keeps on top of ROH, PWG, NJPW, ICW, Defiant Wrestling, and PROGRESS Wrestling.