10 Best Internet Reactions To Last Night's WWE Raw (May 14)

Roman Reigns was serenaded by the audience?


After another disappointing episode of Raw last Monday, WWE headed to London, England this week. An enthusiastic crowd made it a memorable show, even if there were some massively problematic segments.

One of the highlights was an Intercontinental Championship match between Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. Rollins gave another five-star performance, continuing to cement himself as WWE's MVP of 2018. But, this wonderful match aside, a lack of creativity on WWE's part resulted in some frustrating storylines. A six-woman tag team match and another horrendous repetitive promo from Roman Reigns are just a few of the things that let Raw down.

As is always the case with WWE events, the WWE Universe took to social media to voice their opinions on what they liked and — more importantly — what they didn't like about this episode of Raw.

No matter how disappointing the show is, following along with the fans always makes it somewhat more enjoyable.

10. Roman Reigns "Serenaded" By UK Fans

We were hoping that Raw would up its game this week. But the show didn't get off to a great start. In typical WWE fashion, Roman Reigns opened the show. Yawn.

As you'd expect, as soon as his music hit, the London audience wasted no time in booing at the top of their lungs.

As usual, the commentary bias continued as Michael Cole and Booker T avoided commenting on the audience reaction, with Cole simply saying that the audience were "serenading" Roman. Because that makes total sense.

Later, when Roman exited the area, the fans started singing "Na na Hey hey." Look's like Michael Cole got his wish — the audience serenaded Reigns after all!

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