10 Best Internet Reactions To WWE SmackDown (May 15)

9. Big Cass' Big Fail

Daniel Bryan's promo was cut short after Big Cass entered the arena. As you'd expect, Cass' interruption didn't go down too well with the rapturous crowd. The big man proceeded to put Bryan down, diminishing his accomplishments. Cass then asked the audience if Bryan should've stayed retired.

The audience said no, but Cass answered his own question with a mocking "Yes" chant. Cass isn't the best person on the microphone and if it weren't for the audience's investment in defending Bryan, this promo would've been a big fail.

It's not clear why WWE are pushing this Bryan and Cass rivalry. Bryan's return to the ring is something of a miracle, an outcome that we've been praying for for years, so pitting him against Cass is a massive letdown. Bryan's popularity is reason enough to include him in the championship game, not this nonsense.


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