10 Best Internet Reactions To WWE SmackDown (May 15)

Daniel Bryan's reception would've made Roman Reigns jealous.


After an entertaining episode last Tuesday, SmackDown Live headed to London, England this week for what proved to be another exciting instalment for WWE's blue-brand.

The show had many standout moments. From AJ Styles taking on Shinsuke Nakamura once again (in what proved to be their best match yet), to Daniel Bryan receiving the biggest pop from the UK audience, not to mention The Miz reigning supreme on commentary, SmackDown Live delivered on almost all fronts. However, Big Cass' bad promo and Carmella's cringworthy 'Royal Mellabration' left a lot to be desired.

As is always the case, the WWE Universe took to social media to voice their opinions on what they enjoyed and — more importantly — what they didn't enjoy about this episode of SmackDown Live.

10. Daniel Bryan's Pop From The Audience

Daniel Bryan kicked things off, and the reaction he got from the London audience was brilliant. The crowd erupted as soon as Bryan's music hit, and then they were chanting "Yes" with their hero as he headed to the ring to discuss last week's events with Renee Young. Before his music had even ended, the excited audience members began chanting Bryan's name, and Young struggled to conduct the interview due to the overwhelming cheers.

It's great to see just how over with the WWE universe Bryan really is. And it's hard not to compare Bryan's reception to the one Roman Reigns received when he opened Raw on Monday night. Roman was met with a cacophony of boos, which only got worse as the night went on.

Bryan knows how to work the audience, and he knows to play to his strengths, which is something Roman severely needs to work on. Moreover, Bryan's altercation with Cass may not have been as vicious as Reigns' attack on Jinder Mahal, but it had the audience invested the whole way through.

If only Roman, if only.


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