10 Best WWE Promos Of 2018

Spoiler Alert: Bobby's sisters aren't on the list...

Daniel Bryan Cleared

What do you like to see from wrestling promos? Passion? Believability? A clear and well-delivered point? Maybe it's all about shouting like it's 1987 again and everyone but Jake Roberts has been hitting the energy drinks before filming. Whatever each individual enjoys, it's safe to say great promos are harder to come by in 2018.

Heavy scripting is a major problem, and has been for years now, but so is the fact fans have pretty much seen everything by this point. Being a beloved babyface is challenging, and being a true, easy-to-hate heel is arguably even more difficult. It must be a nightmare for those who capture some heelish fire only for fans to chant, 'This Is Awesome'.

Those modern-day challenges only make the verbal work featured here all the more impressive.

2018 had some brilliant promos. Often, this was because talent were able to overcome scripting that'd make Hollywood's leading men and women swoon. Others managed to manipulate crowds and blur the lines between kayfabe and reality to make their point with gusto.

Take a bow, everyone involved. You've sure earned it...

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