10 Best WWE Survivor Series’ EVER - According To Dave Meltzer

Only The Strong


Dave Meltzer is in every sense, The Wrestling Observer.

The newsletter has always been the ultimate passion project for Meltzer, becoming his life's work and legacy after nearly 35 years delving into the inner workings of professional wrestling as both a loyal fan and devoted journalist. Still the symbol of excellence in the field today and effectively the source from which most backstage news flows, his work is integral to the fabric of the contemporary fanbase.

It's a love seemingly destined never to burn out or fade away, which makes the derision he often faces as an anti-WWE critic all the more ludicrous.

He has enjoyed and endured as much of Vince McMahon's product as anybody, earning the right to be extremely picky when it comes to doling out a rare five-star full monty. So rare in fact that he's never given one to a Survivor Series match some in 30 years of the event.

Despite that, several shows have contained contests so valuable that the pay-per-views have been improved by their mere presence. Through Meltzer's ratings, it's possible to rank every single edition of the Thanksgiving classic on match quality alone. 2017's is shaping up to be one of the best ever, but what does the competition look like?


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