10 Best WWE Survivor Series’ EVER - According To Dave Meltzer

9. Survivor Series 2007 (2.92)

Bill Goldberg

Finally coming to the end of the most tumultuous year of the decade, WWE were again stabilised by 2007 bedrocks The Undertaker and Batista lighting up yet another 'Big Four' main event.

The pair had stolen the show repeatedly on pay-per-view that year, most notably in a WrestleMania 23 match low enough on the card for them to do it as a f**k you to the rest of their colleagues. Every other battle was a gesture bound in solidarity rather than sole success. The Chris Benoit murder-suicide had left the entire organisation in a state of flux, with John Cena's October injury compounding the foreboding end-of-days presence lingering over the product at large.

Thrust back into the topliner the last time that year, Big Dave and 'The Deadman' saved their biggest beatings for last in a thrilling Hell In A Cell encounter, but they weren't alone in supplying quality content.

Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton worked beyond expectations in a WWE Championship match with Sweet Chin Music banned from use, whilst CM Punk's trudging ECW Title reign briefly came unstuck in a brief-but-blinding triple threat. Megastars Jeff Hardy and Triple H pleasingly made time in the midcard for the night, winning their elimination match to set up a Number One Contenders battle between them at the next pay-per-view.


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