10 Bizarre WWE Coincidences That Really Happened

Truly anything can happen in the WWE.

There’s a historical legend that in 1895, Ohio only had two cars within the entirety of the state, and they still managed to crash into each other.

Whether that's true or not is completely up for debate, but what's undeinable is that coincidences happen all the time, in both real life, and in the world of professional wrestling.

Despite not being outright planned by WWE themselves, these coincidences are oddly satisfying when you spot them. And if nothing else, you can probably get away telling a few of these to your less-knowledgeable buddies next time you’re watching Monday Night Raw together.

10. Kurt Angle And The Broken Freakin' Neck

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In 1996, Kurt Angle became a true American hero at the Atlanta Summer Olympics when he picked up a gold medal for freestyle wrestling. The Olympics are no joke but his gold medal win for the USA is even more impressive when you know it came just five months after Angle suffered multiple neck injuries: two fractured vertebrae, two herniated two discs, and four different pulled muscles.

Bizarrely, Angle's most esteemed WWE moment also occurred when he was suffering from severe neck injuries, when he main-evented WrestleMania XIX against Brock Lesnar.

In the lead-up to the Showdown of the Immortals, Angle’s injuries were starting to rack up, and it was becoming clear that the Olympic Hero would be struggling to make it to their 'Mania main event. It was so bad that a few days before the show, Angle was declared unable to wrestle.

Despite Vince adamantly being against him wrestling, Kurt made sure he was fit for the match, and put on a hell of a show, an Olympic sized performance that once again proved that a broken freakin' neck won't stop him putting in a shift.

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