10 Bold WWE Predictions For The Rest Of 2019

WWE in 2019 has been crazy already, but what's still to come for the company this year?


It seems like WWE gets stranger every year, and 2019 has proved that already.

Firefly Funhouse, Brock Lesnar's Money In The Bank victory, and whatever the hell the wildcard rule is are just some examples of the madness that Vince McMahon's twisted brain has come up with this year. All of this insanity has taken place over just six months, and with that much time again left before 2019 draws to a close, fans can only speculate as to what other crazy things might take place in WWE.

Not ones to ever feel left out, we've decided to join in on the fun and come up with ten predictions for WWE in 2019. Some are pretty rooted in existing rumours or are based on the current trajectory of storylines and characters, whilst others are just wild speculation. Then again, as we've already seen this year, anything can happen in the House of McMahon.

With another Saudi show pencilled for November, SmackDown moving to Fox in October, and the rise of AEW hopefully providing some much needed competition for the WWE, there's still plenty more madness to expect from the world's biggest wrestling promotion this year...


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