10 ECW Flops In WWE That Should Have Been Huge

Because great extremists don't always make great entertainers...


Few wrestling promotions will ever match ECW's legacy. Even today, 16 years after the company's dissolution, the three initials are still regularly chanted at wrestling shows around America, and the mere mention of the word "extreme" is often enough to provoke nostalgia among the perennially passionate fanbase.

WWE haven't been shy of producing ECW-themed content since acquiring the trademarks in 2001, albeit to varying degrees of success. Some were tremendous hits (The Rise And Fall Of ECW, One Night Stand 2005), while others were total busts (their ill-conceived idea to revive the brand in 2006), much like the wrestlers WWE acquired from Paul Heyman's promotion themselves.

From Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero to Steve Austin and Mick Foley, plenty of former ECW wrestlers have gone on to become WWE Champions. The company's reputation was for hardcore wrestling, but dozens of world-class athletes passed through their halls, and it's hard to imagine WWE's last few decades being so lined with glory if not for these wrestlers.

Success doesn't always translate from one company to another, however, and while each of these wrestlers entered WWE full of hope and promise, they were all eventually consigned to Vince McMahon's scrapheap...

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