10 Fascinating WWE Survivor Series 1990 Facts

10. Everyone On The Warriors' Team Shared A 'Warrior' Link


Not often you see the WWE World and Intercontinental Champions open a pay-per-view, but Thanksgiving night 1990 provided an exception. An Ultimate Warrior-led team of himself, Kerry Von Erich, and The Legion of Doom defeated Mr. Perfect and Demolition in what rates as a damn fine collection of big-name stars.

The babyface contingent was known as "The Warriors", and it turned out to be a fitting moniker. While the team name usually reflects only the captain in some way, Warrior's partners all had spells in their career as a 'Warrior' of some sort. The Legion of Doom are better known as The Road Warriors, while Kerry Von Erich saw his greatest career heights with the nickname "The Modern Day Warrior".

It's one of the rare occasions where the team name reflects each member of the team, and not just the captain. After all, who in 1989 would've bought into any "Dream Team" that had The Red Rooster on it?


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