10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 1 Facts

The event that changed everything.


Almost 32 years have passed since Vince McMahon provided the wrestling world with its enduring Super Bowl: WrestleMania.

Although primitive and less polished than the WrestleManias we're used to seeing today, the original incarnation remains more than a mere footnote in industry annals.

For much of the previous year, McMahon had been fostering a courtship between over-the-top New York-style wrestling and the glitzy pomp of pop culture America. With flashy songstress Cyndi Lauper and television tough guy Mr. T indelibly linked to 'The Hulkster' and the rest of the squared circle production, McMahon had enough wattage to beam his brand of entertainment nationwide in grand fashion.

While the show itself may not necessarily hold up today in terms of match quality or overall presentation, it holds a rightful place in history. WrestleMania found permanent settlement on the calendar with the success of the first show, and the Rock 'n' Wrestling Era would kick into higher gear once the dust of 31 March 1985 settled.

WrestleMania I represents a landmark day in Vince McMahon's life, and by extension the lives of any fan whose happiness is in any way predicated on counting down the days and weeks until the ensuing WrestleManias finally come to pass...


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