10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 6 Facts

10. Toronto Was Chosen Partially Due To Its Closed Circuit Numbers


As the pay-per-view monster began closing its jaws around the United States, with more and more homes equipped with the technology, closed circuit viewings stateside increasingly tapered off. In Canada, it was a different story. America's neighbor to the north didn't get widespread pay-per-view access until around 1991-92, so if a Canadian fan wanted to catch a wrestling pay-per-view, or a boxing one, it was off to a venue offering a closed-circuit broadcast.

WrestleMania 5 in 1989 did big business in Toronto, as their closed-circuit showing drew $200,000 in revenue. The demand for WWE was still high in their Maple Leaf Gardens stronghold. It just so happened that SkyDome (today, Rogers Centre) was opening in June 1989, and the perfect storm came together: the rabid fanbase in Ontario could surely fill up a venue of SkyDome's size.


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