10 Funniest Backstage Revelations From Wrestling Podcasts

The Voices In Your Head(phones)

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Long before Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jim Ross, Taz, Bruce Prichard, Edge & Christian, Eric Bischoff, Lance Storm, Don Callis, Ryback, Tony Schiavone, Chris Jericho, Jim Cornette and many many more hopped aboard the wrestling podcasting bandwagon, there was Colt Cabana.

Spotting a gap in the market before it even really became one, Cabana set out to talk to friends and acquaintances from the wrestling industry for the entertainment of...his friends and acquaintances from the wrestling industry, as well as the niche audience he'd gathered from beloved spells in Ring Of Honor and a murky trek through WWE's woeful mid-2000s developmental system.

He gradually became as well known for his 'Art Of Wrestling' interview-come-promotional vehicle as he did his independent career. Affable, amusing and amenable to whatever story his guest wanted to tell, Colt built an enormous audience that increased further when he invited best mate CM Punk on to vent his spleen ten months removed from an acrimonious WWE departure.

The resultant lawsuit that followed Punk's spilt milk on the show highlighted how powerful the medium had become. Millions had tuned in, as they did every week to various shows from the above present and former stars that had piggy-backed 'AOW's success.

Replacing the shoot interview as the go-to repository for wrestling gossip, podcasts are now entrenched the prime location for bizarre anecdotes, cancelled plans and best of all, hilarious (and hilariously tall) tales. From the horse's a*se to the horse's mouth, here are some of the most side-splitting.


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