10 Greatest DDT Variations In WWE History

8. Drew McIntyre

But if we€™re talking about double-arm DDTs with the addition of the swinging leg to boot, we have to mention Drew McIntyre. The Scotsman utilised the technique as part of his Future Shock DDT finisher, though he actually added yet another tweak to the move. Unlike Ambrose, McIntyre would swing with his outside leg, freeing up his other one to wrap around his foe upon impact for a guillotine effect. As previously discussed, the swinging leg only adds to the momentum and therefore the impact. Throw in that guillotine, leg scissors-like movement and Drew was essentially swinging both legs as he drove down his opponent. Needless to say, two-legged momentum is better than one. It was a thoroughly innovative move that led many to tip Drew for greatness in the company. Ultimately though, he was demoted to the comedy spot as a part of 3MB, before leaving with company with a solitary Intercontinental Championship win. Had his true potential been realised, he would have likely featured higher on this list. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp93j5QLGS8
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