10 Greatest DDT Variations In WWE History

9. Dean Ambrose

Another man who utilises the double-arm DDT is the Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose. But it hasn€™t always been that way. When the former Shield member first appeared in the WWE, his DDT was far more straightforward. Everything about the move was as typical as you€™d expect, but for the subtle addition of the swinging inside leg. This would give Ambrose much more momentum, adding a lovely snap motion to the move. Sometimes it only takes a very simply touch to make a move that extra bit special, and that€™s exactly what Dean Ambrose did with his version of the DDT. Of course, he€™s since introduced the aforementioned double-underhook grip that Foley thrust to fame. Crucially though, that swinging leg remains a feature. It€™s this addition, whether in the standard DDT or the double-arm variant, that makes Ambrose€™s move appear all the more impactful€”even more so than the preceding Foley€™s. Again, there have been others to employ that swinging leg, though rarely with the same effect as Ambrose. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hu8A-xy2Yow
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