10 Greatest Ring Of Honor Matches Ever

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Ring of Honor

Formed back in 2002, Ring Of Honor was viewed as a company that could ably plug the gap left by groups like the original ECW in the pro wrestling market. The sheer number of former ROH veterans who have ended up on the current WWE roster and in NXT is a true testament to the forward thinking nature of the independent promotion.

Originally, the organisation was designed to allow RF Video to continue trading tapes, but it has grown to mean so much more. Performers like Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan), Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) and CM Punk all later went on to become WWE World Heavyweight Champions, but they cut their teeth in Ring Of Honor first.

That trio feature heavily on this list, one looking at 10 utterly essential wrestling bouts contested under the ROH banner. As notable as their eventual achievements were at a higher level, the likes of Danielson, Black and Punk all had some of their best matches on the independent circuit.

ROH has been at the forefront of that scene for years, as the quality of wrestling on offer throughout each match examined proves.

With Jay Lethal set to defend the prestigious ROH World Title at WCPW's live special tapings from Newcastle on June 16th against WWE's Global Cruiserweight Contender Noam Dar, there's really no better time to run down the absolute best matches in Ring Of Honor history...

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