10 HUGE WWE Crown Jewel Predictions You Need To Know

Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan return for most controversial WWE Pay-Per-View in company history.


"...And here's your host, HULK HOGAN!"

Imagine if WWE was a game show and the (almost-certainly male) ring announcer kicked off Crown Jewel just like that. Now imagine it's a wrestling company and that's exactly how this event starts. You can only imagine it, because as we stand on the precipice of a show that simply should not be happening, WWE isn't even the Sports Entertainment monolith it used to be. Not now. Not anymore.

That WWE was a company that made ugly money through dodgy storylines and problematic talents rather than through 45,000,000 contractual obligations a year until 2028. And yes, one categorically is the lesser of two evils. But enough about lessers, this is World Wrestling Entertainment, PAL, let's have more! More Shawn Michaels! More D-Generation-X! More tournaments! More Kane! More Saudi Arabia money! More pay-per-views! More Daniel Br...Samoa Joe! More Hulk Hogan!

This actually is where we have arrived at. More. Hulk. Hogan.

But enough about the most famous and most controversial performer in the history of the industry. It's time for the most infamous and controversial show in the history of the industry...


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