10 MAJOR Improvements WWE Have Already Made In 2018

A year of steady progress.

stephanie mcmahon ronda rousey

For many fans, learning how to take the good with the bad is key to enjoying the modern WWE product. The promotion's variety show approach means they'll never appease every individual section of their fanbase, but while their propensity to baffle and anger the audience is unparalleled among global entertainment companies, they still churn out plenty of quality television.

This is particularly true in 2018. The good-to-bad ratio has been on a gradual upswing throughout the past four months, and while inconsistencies remain, genuine lows (the kind that make you want to change the channel) are dwindling in number.

WWE should always be held accountable for their shortcomings, but there's plenty to enjoy at the moment. The major pay-per-views have been fantastic, and the minors have over-delivered. All three core rosters (Raw, SmackDown, NXT) are more stacked than ever. Even SmackDown, comfortably WWE's weakest brand throughout 2017, is looking up after the Superstar Shake-Up. The list goes on.

2017 was good, but 2018 has been fantastic so far, and the company deserve great credit for following their record-breaking business year with one that, up to this point, has been as creatively satisfying as any in recent history...


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