10 Major Problems WWE Faces After SummerSlam 2017

Will 'The Beast' roam to the Octagon?


The road to SummerSlam has been a bumpy one, with several “plotholes” along the way. The main event of WWE’s second biggest show of the year is a blockbuster featuring four monsters vying for the Universal Championship, with the caveat of the current champion leaving the company if he’s unsuccessful. However, most of the undercard consists of matches with little backstory, competitors thrown together for fresh bouts albeit with minimal meaning.

In the case of the Raw Women’s Championship match, real-life circumstances forced a change in long-term planning. In most other instances, it seems that WWE officials were on autopilot after WrestleMania 33, forgetting to plan for the annual summer extravaganza.

The 30th SummerSlam lacks the aura of significance that it deserves. Although ratings for Raw and SmackDown were slightly up last week, fan interest feels generally low. It could potentially worsen after this Sunday in Brooklyn as WWE faces several issues regarding talent, storylines, and direction.

Hopefully, company executives enjoy the “biggest party of the summer” because they’re in for a brutal hangover once the final bell rings and the Beast is on the prowl.


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