10 Money Matches WWE Rushed To Give Away For Free

"This is the biggest match in the history of Monday Night Raw... "

The Rock Stone Cold

Making money.

Not to sound too much like 2019's Captain Obvious, but that's what pro wrestling has and always will boil down to. It's a business, and one obsessed with making folks fork over their cash (whether that be via traditional pay-per-view or into the WWE Network coffers) to see the biggest matches possible.

Seems like a simple strategy, doesn't it? Big stars + pay wall = the opening lyrics to Ted DiBiase's old theme tune. "Everybody's got a price", and that only makes it even more baffling that WWE has occasionally strayed from their moolah-making model in favour of giving fans bumper matches on free television.

All but two of the matches listed here happened on TV first before they made it to pay-per-view. In the examples that didn't, there was cash to be made in rematches after the original. That was tossed away in favour of popping a TV rating or as a tool to promote future pay-per-views.

Everyone had a dig at WCW for throwing box office magic away. History tells us they weren't the only ones...


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