10 MORE Surprising Meanings Behind Famous Wrestling Attires



As mentioned in the first rifle through wardrobes of WWE's great and good, not all wrestlers have Randy Orton's alarming lack of interest in his own threads.

There's often a awful lot more than what first meets the eye when a performer emerges from behind the curtain. Offering a sly nudge towards new creative endeavours, foreshadowing devilish or angelic actions to come, or merely paying tribute or respect to an inspirational figure, there are more and more cases of wrestlers putting an awful lot of care into what they wear.

And so they should. Wrestling is a complex visual medium in 2017, with a vast spectrum of fans demanding detail and dedication from their performers. A keen eye for attire is one of the first signs that a performer is as invested in their character as they want everybody in the stands to be. The mid-1990s don't always offer a world of viewer satisfaction on re-watch, but the bouquet of neon and fluro on display more than makes up for the creative malaise.

Far from keeping their considered stylings a secret, wrestlers that go the extra mile with their gear deserve the praise. What a colourless world WWE would be without them.

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