10 Most Controversial Wrestlers On The Planet Right Now

Kings and jesters roam the court of public opinion.


Defining the theme of the article - "The English dictionary defines 'controversial' as..." - is a hack's trick, but it's worth clarifying here.

The controversial wrestler isn't the bad-tempered, unprofessional head case, and as such, you'll not see Austin Aries listed here. The reception to Aries is pretty much unanimous at this point. He is almost as good a professional wrestler as he thinks he is - which is a gigantic compliment - but his attitude is unwarranted, and has all but expelled him from any promotion of renown. It's very telling that, in an era in which every talented performer has landed a mainstream gig irrespective of whether they can be accommodated, WWE, AEW nor NJPW has courted his signature.

Teddy Hart was another nightmare for promoters, but appears to have matured in Major League Wrestling, improbably and (very) belatedly. Vince Russo has lost his controversial edge in 2019. With his WWE-runs-AEW conspiracy theory, he all but confirmed that he's a sh*t-poster too obvious to get worked up about.

This is a list designed to highlight the divisive wrestlers that fuel the pro wrestling discourse - overrated, underrated, a disgrace to or pioneer of the profession? - and offer a subjective author's take...

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