10 Most Infamous Wrestling Wardrobe Malfunctions

Those times clothes didn't do what they were supposed to...


Last week on SmackDown, Eva Marie was supposed to make her long-awaited debut for the blue brand. On the previous episode, she had hurt her knee getting into the ring, cancelling her match with Becky Lynch at the last moment. Surely she had learned her lesson, and would be more careful this time.

Eva wasn't injured on her second attempt, but she suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction - the straps on her top popped off, leaving her at risk of exposure. The referee quickly covered her with a towel and she headed to the back, unable to compete. She's currently scheduled to debut on this coming episode of SmackDown, but who knows what will happen then.

Of course, Eva Marie's wardrobe malfunction wasn't legitimate - it was an angle planned to hold off her debut and (hopefully) get her more heat from the crowd. In reality, though, WWE TV has played host to many real-life wardrobe malfunctions, incidents where the women of the company were inadvertently left exposed before a watching world.

This list counts down 10 of the most infamous malfunctions, ones that got press when they occurred and have found a permanent home on the Internet. Enjoy, and for goodness' sake, keep your hands on your keyboard.

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