10 Most Radical Wrestling Makeovers

New look, new man.


While the ability to captivate the crowd in the ring is all-important, it's impossible to imagine any wrestler - particularly in today's era - ascending the mainstream ranks without a character with whom fans can connect.

Finding the right character, incidentally, is easier said than done. Virtually every possible archetype - from deranged dentist to the stars (and Jerry Lawler) to tortured burn victim who absolutely hates the date May 19 - has been used at this point, and that's just Glenn Jacobs.

As such, it's not exactly surprising to find that even some of the biggest names in the industry's history have had to go through two (and, in some cases, three or four) guises before they stumbled on one that worked. Unless you strike gold on your debut, it's pretty much inevitable.

Generally, wrestlers tend to go from A to B. That is, they portray a series of characters all with a unifying theme (both of Jacobs' gimmicks were sociopaths, for example). But, every now and then, they go from A to Z, performing a complete 180-degree turn and ending up with a character that couldn't be more different to their first.

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