10 Original WrestleMania 34 Plans WWE Had To Change

Ronda Rousey > Jason Jordan...

John Cena Promo

After watching enough of WWE's programming over the past month or so, you'd be forgiven for thinking they've left things a little late to properly build up a match as big as John Cena vs. The Undertaker. There's a reason for that: it wasn't the original plan.

WWE were a bit all over the place when it came to Cena and WrestleMania 34. Ideas like him sitting in the stands "as a fan" to watch the show have been thrown around, and higher-ups have finally settled on that big-time clash with 'Taker in New Orleans. Had another legend been healthy enough, there's a chance WWE wouldn't have called on The Undertaker at all.

That's not the only 'Mania match that's been chopped and changed though.

A lot has changed since WWE started (seriously) hyping up 2018's biggest show towards the end of last summer. Matches that seemed a safe bet have been scrapped, for various reasons, and the card is seemingly one creative still aren't 100% comfortable with.

Things could have been very different...


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