10 Reasons Why Vince McMahon Will NEVER Shake Off The WWE ‘Stigma’

10. The Content Of His Own Network

WWE Network

Vince McMahon's entire creative legacy sits within his own over-the-top streaming service, but his decision to exorcise some of his most perverse demons on-screen over the years has resulted in something of a conundrum for his future efforts beyond his wild world.

Keen during the persona's late-1990's peak to blur the lines between the 'Mr McMahon' visage and the slightly-less-bonkers real version of himself, Vince now pays for his gimmicked sins with legitimate penance.

With the world looking upon the industry he stands atop of as little more than a jumped-up circus, his struggle to be thought of as more than just a ringmaster is undermined by the character he so expertly portrayed. In WWE lore, he's an evil genius pushed to psychopathic lengths, exhibiting unabashed cruelty and bizarre comedy in equal measure.

No matter what he tries to sell, the man will always be the cartoon promotor. It's an inescapable dilemma he's created all by himself.


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