10 Reasons Why WWE's Stagnation Will Never End

Even in wrestling, comfort is the death of ambition.


It's easy to be critical of WWE's current state, but the company aren't in a bad spot at the moment. Their market share is untouchable, revenue is through the roof, and there's plenty to enjoy across their many brands if you're willing to cherry-pick. Things could be a lot worse, basically.

The problem is that each of their good points is tempered by a disappointing low. Revenue might be high, but profit margins and Network subscription counts aren't hitting targets, and ratings are as dismal as ever. They're not even close to going out of business, but the company aren't moving forward either, and that's a problem.

WWE have flatlined. They operate solely within their comfort zone, which mitigates risk, but offers only limited opportunities for growth. Even when the company give the impression that they're progressing, they rarely take anything more than a couple of steps forward at a time, and it has been this way for years.

Stagnation is a disease for WWE, and curing it would mean tackling a multitude of deep-rooted problems at once. Sadly, this is an impossibility for a company so content on coasting from one quarterly report to another...

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