10 Stories WWE Could Execute Right Now

Is it time for a real introduction to the Balor Club?


WWE has an entire warehouse in Connecticut full of writers beavering away on storyline ideas for the roster, but even with so many fingers tip-tapping away on so many keyboards, there are always wrestlers who fall between the cracks and potential that goes unexploited. Perhaps those overworked, under-pressure WWE creatives need a little help.

And what's more fun than speculating about potential storylines for your favourite grappling superstars? Nothing legal, that's for sure. So why not set the wrestling world to rights through the power of the imagination?

Problems the WWE has right now, including underwhelming reactions for heavily pushed superstars, wrestlers with nothing to do and competitors needing a new challenge, can all be solved through a story that turns these issues into a virtue and makes some damn fine television in the process.

It's time to whip up some brand new storylines just aching to be emblazoned across our television screens via the medium of huge sweaty people colliding with each other. So settle down in your booking armchair and channel your inner Russo, because there's a whole lot of uninformed speculation to be done.

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