10 Terrible Wrestling Storylines With Great Matches

10. Edge Vs. John Cena Vs. Big Show


Whilst it made sense for Edge to look for an equaliser in his efforts to stave off the threat of The Undetaker, it's probably fair to say that, on the whole The Rated-R Superstar's relationship with Vickie Guerrero was something we all could have done without.

It became weird mid-way through 2008 when Triple H shared with the world footage of the groom-to-be smooching wedding planner Alicia Fox, even weirder a few months later when Vickie took him back, and then just plain silly weeks before WrestleMania 25 when it emerged she had, in fact, been having an affair with Big Show the whole time.

That final reveal was essentially just made so that they could find a way of inserting John Cena into the World Heavyweight Title picture at the last minute (he blackmailed Vickie with the threat of exposing her secret to make it a triple threat match, only to then expose said secret anyway).

It was daft, in short, but watch the resulting matches in isolation and they're not bad. The WrestleMania triple threat - remembered chiefly for Cena lifting both his opponents simultaneously - was a whole load of fun, and the follow-up Last Man Standing bout at Backlash a veritable classic.