10 Terrible Wrestling Storylines With Great Matches

When life gives you lemons...


In wrestling, as in life, it's all about doing the best with the hand you've been dealt.

If the WWE creative team, for reasons unknown, decide that your character is best-served disavowing their legendary family heritage, instead becoming sweater-wearing, golf cart-driving Kerwin White, then there's really no point arguing*. All you can do is make sure you deliver your best work inside the ring.

Turning water into wine is a trick that many wrestlers lumbered with unfortunate scripts have had to pull off over the years, but seldom have they really got much credit. It's just seen as a given that they - as professionals - should be able to put on great matches, even when those matches represent the conclusion of dreadful storylines which we all hated.

That changes now, though, with 10 examples of terrible storylines that, for all their foibles, actually delivered great matches at their climax - occasions when wrestlers themselves have made good on the mission statement of entertaining the crowd, however determined the writers are to leave them bored and confused.

*Actually, Chavo perhaps could have put up more of a fight on that one.