10 Things We Learned From Austin Aries On Talk Is Jericho

9. Austin Wasn't Sure What Was Being Asked Of Him In WWE

Austin Aries Triple H

Those strong opinions carried over from food to pro wrestling. Aries admits that lack of fear meant he could possibly have been viewed as a pain by WWE management, because he was always willing to give his thoughts and wanted to make things better. Unfortunately, he also suffered from a crippling lack of direction.

During his WWE run, Aries just didn't know where he fit as part of the WWE team. Since leaving, he has watched friends like Roderick Strong work 5 days a week at the Performance Center, and that's something Austin himself was never asked to do. He did end up doing some of it, but not enough for his liking.

Aries then tapped into the real issue: he always wanted someone to mentor him. Since debuting as a wrestler in 2000, he's never had that. In WWE, maybe he felt it was a given, but it didn't end up happening. It's almost like Aries, as an industry veteran, was caught somewhere between being experienced and a WWE newbie.


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