10 Things We Learned From Austin Aries On Talk Is Jericho

Find out what Vince McMahon himself told Aries about his commentary work...

Austin Aries

Austin Aries was a world class pro wrestler years before he made it to WWE. When he finally did sign for the biggest company around in 2016, Aries found out some harsh lessons about life at the top, but he was also treated to some mind-blowing experiences. To his credit, Aries prefers to focus on the latter.

Listen to Austin's appearance on this week's Talk Is Jericho and you'll be gripped by an intelligent human being who looks on the bright side without ignoring the negatives. Throughout the interview, host Chris Jericho was audibly taken aback by his guest's profoundness, staunch belief in freedom of choice and positive outlook on a relatively short WWE run.

Aries and Y2J covered everything from Austin's Vegan lifestyle, his introduction to the WWE system, working as a colour commentator on Raw, injuries, TNA, WrestleMania 33 and even bananas. The entire conversation was littered with a unique blend of self-confidence and self-reflection...

10. Aries Actually Hates The Term 'Vegan'

Austin Aries

Those preparing for a lecture on why they shouldn't use animal produce should know that Austin Aries actually hates the term 'Vegan'. He may follow the lifestyle, but the wrestling sensation doesn't believe anyone on planet Earth can be totally Vegan. Instead, he's mindful of doing what he can to avoid animal produce.

A funny moment came when Aries joked he couldn't carry WWE belts around because they were made of leather. We wonder how well that remark would have went down with Vince McMahon. Seriously though, Austin's outlook is refreshing to hear. He's not the preachy sort, and only wants to make his own choices.

This admission came right at the beginning of Jericho's interview, and it's obvious to tell the host was pleased to hear he wouldn't be bored senseless by endless rants about what he's doing wrong. Aries doesn't seem to believe there are any right or wrong answers, but does have strong opinions about what he puts in his own body.


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