10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About Alundra Blayze

10. Madusa = Made In The USA

Madusa Usa Colors The name she's most known for is Madusa because it represents something important to her: The United States of America. Here's how she explained it in a 2014 interview: €œI said, if I€™m going to do this, I need to think of a name. I need to think of a name that€™s powerful, and if I€™m going to Japan, and I€™m going to make that happen, then I need a name that they can chant. It needs to be three syllables, it needs to be American, it needs to be strong, and one word: Madusa. M-A-D-U-S-A €“ MADE IN THE USA, baby! BOOM!€ The name fit her well and she was able to use it to her advantage by wearing red, white and blue attire for most of her career. When she was in WWE as Alundra Blayze that changed of course, but during her Madusa run it was all about rocking the American colors. It's also interesting to note that she was actually born in Italy as Debrah Miceli, but the Madusa name was a smart career move for her especially when she competed in Japan.

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