10 Things WWE Realised Way Too Late

Better late than never.


Whisper it quietly, but there are one or two rumours doing the rounds at the moment that WWE heads are at last thinking about pulling the plug on their ill-fated Roman Reigns experiment.

The evidence, to be fair, is quite compelling. While we're a long way from a fully-fledged heel turn, The Big Dog has now suffered back-to-back maulings at the hands of Brock Lesnar - despite going into WrestleMania season a couple of months ago the bookies' favourite to win the Universal Championship.

Then again, perhaps we're merely putting two and two together and getting five. It definitely makes sound business sense to cool Roman's push, but in Vince McMahon, we're talking about an incredibly stubborn decision-maker. He'd sooner lose millions than admit that he might have been wrong, as his desire to reboot XFL proves.

In fact, there are countless examples of the WWE board taking too long to wise up to something the fans had been screaming about the whole time, whether it be refusing to push an obvious star-in-waiting, continuing to invest in dead-end stars, or simply persisting with tired wrestling cliches.

Here are 10 examples.

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