10 Things You Didn't Know About Jinder Mahal

8. Jinder Was Trained By Bad News Brown


When he was just 15 years old, Jinder approached his uncle (Gama Singh) and told him that he wanted to be a wrestler. Not fazed by the remark at all, Gama immediately gave Jinder an address and told him that was the place he needed to go to follow his dreams. The head trainer at this address? None other than former WWE superstar and Olympic bronze medallist, Bad News Brown.

It was a strange limbo-esque time to be an aspiring pro wrestler in Canada. The famous Hart Dungeon had closed, and Lance Storm was yet to open his famous wrestling school. As a result young would-be-wrestlers were left to train off word of mouth from former professionals who were doing it for love as opposed to money.

Along with Brown, Mahal was trained by none other than Rick Bognar, better known to the world as Fake Razor Ramon. What a truly strange combination of trainers.


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