10 Things You Didn't Know About Jinder Mahal

6. Mahal Worked Tryouts With Tyler Breeze And Eugene

Jinder Mahal Backlash 2017

World Wrestling Entertainment doesn't head to Calgary as often as one would assume, seeing as it is such a big wrestling town. Whenever they did however, young Jinder would pop along either as a fan or to take part in whatever tryouts the company was holding.

His first tryout could very well have led to something a lot more had Jinder been more savvy to the business at the time. Mahal tells the story that he was asked to work three matches straight, the first of which was against Eugene. Seeing as this was something he wasn't used to, he was completely blown up by the time the third one came around.

This last bout was against the man we now know as Tyler Breeze, and Mahal was told to control the match so that the agents could see how Breeze was with selling. Mahal subconsciously saw this as confirmation that eyes weren't on him, and by his own admission he didn't put too much into it.

He later realised that the agents weren't looking at Breeze's selling, but at Mahal's offence. He didn't make it through the tryout.


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