10 Times WWE Failed Roman Reigns

Big Dog, bigger problems...

roman reigns

Fire up YouTube and take a look at the promo Roman Reigns cut on last week's Raw.

Where has that guy been for the past three years? Roman's words were full of passion, he seemed relaxed and natural, and there were no forced winks, catchphrases or desperate pleas to be accepted by fans. If the promo proved one thing, it's that WWE have let Reigns down constantly.

That's right, Roman can be great, but WWE themselves have aggressively pushed Reigns down the throats of fans. Awkwardly casting him as the next top hero like a 2018 Hulk Hogan has never been the answer.

For a guy who rarely has bad matches and quite clearly has talent, it's depressing to see that Roman is repeatedly put in situations that neither suit his work or appeal to the audience. Tut tut, WWE. Reigns is the one who hears the boos when it should be those shovelling crap onto their own "Big Dog" who get that criticism...


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