10 Ways Money In The Bank 2019 Can Save WWE's Year

Can WWE turn their failing product around this Sunday?


While 2019 has delivered euphoric moments like Kofi Kingston's WWE Title win, at least one instant classic between the ropes (Adam Cole vs. Johnny Gargano), and the continued excellence of 'Becky Two Belts,' the year, as a whole, hasn't been kind to Vince McMahon's market leaders.

Backstage turmoil is rife, with Dean Ambrose gone, and Sasha Banks, Luke Harper, and The Revival all trying to be gone. The Wild Card Rule has all but killed the brand split. Creative is in the sh*ts, as shown by Robert Roode's blink-and-you'll-miss-it reinvention, Ucey Hot, and proven ratings-killer Baron Corbin's continued airtime domination on Raw. The viewership is cratering, and even the financials are starting to look ropey, with WWE's Q1 reports showing declines in revenue and attendance to go with an unexpected operating loss.

Things are as bad as they've been since WCW died. Now, with All Elite Wrestling on the horizon and Fox demanding a massive viewership uptake this summer, WWE need to get their act together. Fast.

Few annual pay-per-views come with as much game-changing potential as Money In The Bank, and, if handled the right way, the choices made on Sunday's show could be the tonic that revives this failing product. Let's run through them...


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