10 Wild Predictions For Kurt Angle’s Big Secret

It's True. IT'S TRUE?!

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In a rare throwback to bygone days, WWE recently began airing two separate mystery storylines on Monday Night Raw that finally afforded viewers a reason to tune in for more than a week at a time.

The bloated three hour editions of the flagship had previously put paid to such a trope, with one-night stories becoming the norm and characters generally being reset the following week regardless of their actions just seven days earlier.

With the dovetailing mysteries of Enzo Amoré's attacker and Kurt Angle's telephone harassment, viewers were asked to be patient whilst the theatrical investigations played out as they so often would back when the company only had an hour two to play with each week.

It was rather fitting that Corey Graves and Kurt Angle were the two key presences in outing Big Cass as Enzo's assailant. It has been their relationship that has allowed the Olympic Gold Medallist's own mystery to continue to simmer. The pair have been thick as thieves since the story's commencement, bounded by odd texts and calls that mask a dark secret the Raw General Manager has been desperate to keep locked away.

Things came to a head for Angle this week on Raw, when a show-closing conversation revealed he had no choice but thrash all the details out live on next week's show. At long last, the fanbase will find out exactly what Kurt's been hiding under his smart casual GM attire. But just what is it?

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