10 Worst No. 30 Entrants In WWE Royal Rumble History

10. Dolph Ziggler - 2015


There was nothing necessarily wrong with having Dolph Ziggler come out at no. 30 in the 2015 Royal Rumble. At the time, he was just two months removed from a big win at Survivor Series, where he eliminated four guys on his way to being crowned his team’s Sole Survivor, and it seemed he was picking up from where he left off come the Royal Rumble match.

A flurry of superkicks led to Ziggler taking out Bad News Barrett and Cesaro, but he was soon halted in his tracks by the right fist of the Big Show. Show and Kane then unceremoniously dumped Ziggler over the top to eliminate him in the most underwhelming of fashions.

All-in-all, and despite having momentum on his side, he’d lasted less than two-and-a-half minutes before a massively anticlimactic departure at the hands of a pair of aging old-timers. Plus, even though he came out to a good reaction, we already knew ahead of time that Ziggler would be entering at no. 30, so it’s not like his arrival was even a surprising one.


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