10 Worst No. 30 Entrants In WWE Royal Rumble History

8. Booker T - 2002

Rey Mysterio

Mind, Chyna’s 35-second stint isn’t quite as bad as that of Booker T in 2002. Despite his pedigree, the former WCW Champion makes this list for the fact that no-one else has lasted less time in a Royal Rumble match after entering at no. 30.

In his Rumble debut, Booker T survived a grand total of 33 seconds before he was eliminated, like Chyna, by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Again, though, his appearance wasn’t an entirely fruitless one. Booker tossed Rob Van Dam over the top rope within seconds of entering the ring and there was even time for him to bust out a celebratory Spinaroonie. Although, it was that showboating that cost him in the end, allowing Austin to come along and hit him with a Stunner to send him hurtling from the ring.

As an added bit of trivia, that was Austin’s 36th elimination in Royal Rumble action – a record at the time, and one that stood for another eight years before Shawn Michaels broke it in 2010. A fun fact, unless your name is Booker T.


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