10 Worst Supernatural Gimmicks

Terrifyingly awful.


The recent 'House of Horrors' match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt was not WWE's first foray into the occult, but it may have been the worst.

Promoted without explaining how the overall presentation would actually look, the in-ring portion of the match lived down to expectations following a college theatre production pitting the two against one another in a dusty lodging layered with cheap props and even cheaper special effects.

It built on the supernatural element of the feud that came to life between the pair before WrestleMania (more on that later), but also exhibited the worrying reality of how WWE may handle the BROKEN gimmick should the company pursue the personas with Matt and Jeff Hardy in the months to come.

Carefully presided over by Matt himself, the other-worldly segments featuring the mentally unravelling brothers were blissfully tongue-in-cheek and welcomed the audience in on the lunacy from the off.

Bray, Randy, and several other characters over the years have been rendered completely unrelatable, either due to shoddy presentation, lazy misunderstanding of the concept, or a disconnect between the performer and their ludicrous facsimile.

As with the Hardy Boyz and The Undertaker, tiptoeing around the supernatural can often be a rewarding enterprise in pro wrestling. When done poorly, audiences only flee the scene in disinterest, rather than fear.


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