10 Worst WWE Champions Of Each Of The Past 10 Years

Sheamus 5:15 says, "I just kicked your arse".

CM Punk WWE Champion Hoodie

Unless you happen to be in the minority and think CM Punk's historic 434-day reign as WWE Champ from 2011-2013 flat out sucked, then don't expect to see 2012 on this list. There's a simple reason for that: Punk was the only WWE Champion that year, had good-to-great matches against Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan and John Cena and his reign was top notch.

So, for one entry only, focus will shift towards the World Heavyweight Championship.

Otherwise, this is a quite eye-opening look at WWE's booking over the past decade. Every single champion listed here had at least one stinker when holding the belt. There were also positives, of course, and those will be examined too; though this is an examination of the worst, certain reigns sucked by default because others the same year were so damn good.

For a championship that is supposed to be the pinnacle of pro wrestling success, the WWE Title hasn't always been handed to the right performer or been elevated by their stint with it. Think the title makes the man? Think again...

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