10 Worst WWE Feuds Of 2018


Bobby Lashley's Sisters Sami Zayn

What's your least favourite feud?

Take a moment to think about it, and ponder if it happened in 2018. This year, WWE did a lot of good. NXT, for a start, had several storming supercards featuring some of the best wrestling you'll see anywhere, and the company forged the future of women's wrestling with Evolution and another Mae Young Classic.

Elsewhere, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan (at times, but we'll get to that) proudly waved the flag for purists everywhere by dazzling when it mattered most. As good as 2018 was in parts though, it was abhorrent in others and just a small hint that WWE's writers can't cope with the extreme workload of endless story developments they're asked to.

That has to be the reason for some of the trash they hurled at fans on Raw and SmackDown and expected them to stomach. Not everything can be classic, that'd just be unrealistic to expect, though there's no reasonable excuse for how lame some of this stuff was. Then again, maybe outright comical is better than downright bland...


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