10 Worst WWE Hell In A Cell Matches EVER - According To Dave Meltzer

1. The Undertaker Vs Big Boss Man (WrestleMania 15, DUD)


Jinder Mahal wasn't considered worthy enough of defending the WWE Championship inside Hell In A Cell at the very pay-per-view that champions the 'Devil's Playground', but may have dodged the double-cage disaster Big Boss Man couldn't hide from in 1999. Mahal escaped the Punjabi Prison with his title in tact, but the Boss Man was less successful in Unforgiven's miserable 'Kennel From Hell' that infamously topped an atrocious WrestleMania clash against The Undertaker.

The p*ss-stained dog fight was comfortably the most awful caged encounter during a torrid year for the gimmick, but the WrestleMania 15 Hell In A Cell battle still represented a surprising late entry amongst Undertaker's worst ever 'Show Of Show' bouts.

Overwhelmed by a convoluted power struggle storyline between 'The Deadman' and Boss Man's gaffer Vince McMahon (that was ultimately revealed to be one big plan at Steve Austin's expense), the contest was further hampered by the fact that neither could summon the necessary physical intensity to give the match the potency it required.

Furthermore, the body of the contest itself was almost immediately negated by the swinging one of the Boss Man himself. In a scene only uglier in hindsight, Undertaker and his Ministry of Darkness goons hung the prone law-man from the Cell in a grisly spectacle to conclude the entire wretched ordeal.


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