10 Worst WWE Matches Of 2017

Garbage Wrestling


Wrestling's brilliant. That's probably the last of that for now, though, eh?

It's an errant assertion that everything posited in wrestling's corner of the internet is negative. It's always opinionated, often informed and constantly debated, but the so-called negativity is often driven by the emotion of a fanbase that only wants things to be better. The unmatched high of a beloved talent achieving a real or storyline goal is the reason WWE gets under the skin of so many so young, with supporters spending a lifetime chasing their next fix.

Like any addiction, the time without the high is the hardest of all. And like many addicts, fans will blindly keep going back for more. And 2017's not let junkies go without. Though WWE's Cruiserweight division has passed in a purple haze, New Japan Pro Wrestling's Juniors and Heavyweights had fans kissing the sky more than ever before.

A galaxy of new stars emerged, not birthed by the McMahon machine but their own promotional nous. And though its a grandiose and gross paradox, WWE still remains the global industry leader for good reason. Several pay-per-views this year have housed battles many justifiably labelled as 'dream' matches.

But it's also the place where dreams go to die. Vince's product at its worst was a mess of contradiction, a mess of misplaced hope and/or often just a giant mess. As evidenced by some of the talents in this list, nobody's immune from the trappings of it.


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