10 Wrestlers Whose Careers Were Destroyed By A Single Mistake

10. Bart Gunn


Viagra on a pole wasn't Vince Russo's only dubious idea. Even in WWE with Vince McMahon as a filter, the odd stinker would seep through. During 1998 the popularity of mixed martial arts was growing in the US and Japan. WWE were eager to cash in on this trend and boost the profile of new signing 'Dr Death' Steve Williams. Russo came up with the Brawl for All tournament. Brawl for All matches would consist of three one minute rounds with points scored for punches and take-downs.

WWE management expected Williams to win the tournament. The grizzled veteran had a reputation as one of wrestling's hard-men, and several lower mid-card performers thrust into the fray as cannon fodder for the star. Enter former tag team champion Bart Gunn who handily defeated Williams via knockout. Bart would go on to defeat self-proclaimed hard-man Bradshaw in the final. The tournament had been a disaster for WWE with several performers picking up injuries.

The winner was ultimately punished by Russo's mistake. At WrestleMania XV Gunn was fed to the super-heavyweight boxer, Butterbean. The former Toughman contestant knocked out the wrestler in a mere 35 seconds. Gunn was released shortly thereafter never to be heard of in WWE again.

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