10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week

1. An Airport Worker Asked Carmella If She Worked In Banking

Carmella James Ellsworth

One of the downsides to becoming Mr/Miss. Money In The Bank in WWE is that the winners must carry that garish-looking briefcase around with them at all times. This means carry-on luggage for flights must be sacrificed in favour of the ridiculous case. That tends to draw attention, something Carmella knows only too well.

Speaking to The Sun about her experiences lugging the thing around, she told a funny story about one airport interaction. As Carmella was trying to put the briefcase through baggage, it caught the attention of one curious staff member. Unable to help himself, the man asked if the SmackDown star worked in banking. We're not kidding.

Carmella said she wore an incredulous expression and asked the guy if he was serious. Once it became clear he was, the WWE female quizzed him on why she'd have a gold-tinted case with bright green letters saying 'Money In The Bank' on it if she was a serious banking professional.

She's probably still waiting on his answer.


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